March 26th, 2004


dvd troubles

Okay you geeks. I'm having trouble with my DVD player. I have a bunch of widescreen dvds which I play on my computer. The problem is that some players, like interactual 2.052 don't seem to handle the widescreen format correctly. They seem to double compensate. That is I get a black bar on the top and bottom inbetween which the movie plays. Okay fine. In the movie area there is also a black bar on the top and bottom. It makes people look somewhat short and fat(poor samwise and gimli). If I explicitly close interactual and run the DVD in windvd I don't have any trouble. In interactual I get the double bar and about a 5x13 size screen.

I looked online for intestinal blockages and am not convinced that is not my problem. The antibiotics have not made a dent in the abdominal pain yet so I'm still taking the narcotics.

Emily and Aiyre are talking to the school system people today and filling out forms etc. Hopefully an excellent set of services will be made available. Wish us luck.

Please buy american made products!
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strange but true

Well, in today's strange but true story, I walked into the Cafeteria here on site and there was Dave Gulla sitting there watching TV. Thats not strange, you say. Well, it is, he was watching sponge-bob square pants.

I think Dave may need a vacation.
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