March 24th, 2004


calling the nurse

We had planned on going to the urgent care clinic, but Emily suggested I call the nurse on call from BCBS.

We called the on-call nurse which BCBS provides. I gave her the symptoms and she asked a couple questions and then she suggested we go to the emergency room.

Off we go.
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gastro enteritis : bacterial

The doctor decided it was bacterial gastro enteritis. Prescribed antibiotics and narcotics for pain. Claims it should be better in 5 days.

Bleck. Belly still hurts. I'm now concerned about a digestive blockage. It was an alternative diagnosis. I've been attempting to remember my 'movements' but I've not had any to remember. I've not really eaten much food either. Liquids are getting through. I'm getting gas out the ass but thats it.

I need to look up the symptoms and try to pay attention to see if I have any. The doctor didn't do a blood test or anything, I'm not sure how he was supposed to tell the difference.

Butt watch day 1.
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