March 18th, 2004



It looks like the flight left on time. I hope there won't be any snow in Dallas to disrupt the last leg of the flight.

With luck I'll be at home, in bed, with my wife in 12 hours... :)
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Emily called from Dallas to say everything was on schedule. Phil(Bill Guan) too the call for me as I was down in the Terminal Room.

I've been getting swamped helping people with IQT things. I fixed a lot of issues for Adriana last night. I feel bad though because I was asked to help Jorge with one item today and it turns out to be a requirements question. Unclear requirements. He'll have to call back to Sudbury tomorrow and try to find the responsible party to find out the intent of the shall.

I'll be leaving here in about 2 hours to pick up Emily and Aiyre. :)
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I saw this back a couple day on St Patty's day. Someone had posted a link where you could buy sham rocks(for your garden). Someone had responded with :

Champaigne for real friends, real pain for sham friends...

I love that quote.
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