March 10th, 2004



Tourquoise Vibes
Your Energy is Turquoise. Full of fresh ideas,
liveliness, and imagination, you bring faith
and enlightenment to others. You usually
project a calm and cool exterior and are
capable of dealing with demanding events with a
take it in stride attitude. You tend to see
things clearly and dont panic easily.

You relate well to the world of ideas and anything
innovative. You would make an excellent
inventor, scientist, quantum physicist, airline
pilot, astronomer or New Age entrepreneur.

What color is your energy?
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I don't feel very calm today. I'm too nervous and excited about my trip home.

Today has been very strange. I'm post details when it becomes unclassified.(read 20-30 years)

It will be a couple more days on the game. Sorry folks. I've got most of it ready, but I'm still flushing out characters and writing down details. Due to the fact that I'll be away from my puter, I will not be able to do any work on it this weekend. If anyone want to buy me a laptop, I'll work(on having fun) on the plane.

The nervousness is starting to affect my stomach. :( I hate having stomach problems in flight.
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