March 7th, 2004



The drive up to reno was quite beautiful. The snow capped mountains, etc. Wow. I did get a little culture shock though. Just before several of the exits off of 80 there were the signs advertising what was at the exit. Most were ones I've seen before, gas, camping, skiing, hiking. One of them just said 'Chain services'. I assumed it was referring to like Mickie D's, BK, etc. I thought, 'oh that nice, at least they aren't bombarding us with logos.' After a couple exits, I then came across one with the Mickie D's logo on it. hm... A little while later there was a pull off area in front of one of the exits with a sign that read 'Chain installation only'. Who would want to build a chain store right there? Installation is a strange word to use... After a while of driving more, and the road getting down-right pitted. It occurred to me that the let people drive on the highway with chains on their tires. I guess at times you would need them.

I would not have made it to Reno if the roads had not been clear and dry. They were steep and winding. I remember coming down one hill, riding the breaks just to keep the car under 70mph. There is usually so much wind resistance that your car won't roll much faster the 50-60.

I talked to Phil(billy guan) about my trip. I asked if there was anywhere to take Aiyre sledding and he said he thought there was a place just before the 'sugar bowl' exit.

I did get to see a lot of famous places :
Donner Pass(lots of good restaurants.. just kidding)
Big Bend(sarah connor's mother had a cabin there)
Lake Tahoe(why don't that lake freeze)

It was a beautiful day. Even at the vista points on the mountain tops, the temps were in the 50-60 degree range.
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