March 6th, 2004



Well, I'm back from Reno and Tahoe. The view is just amazing on the drive from here over donner pass and down into Nevada. The roads were clear but there was more than 6 feet of snow on the sides of the roads. You could tell they are using a giant snow blower to clear the road. There is a stripe of dirty snow out 50 feet from the road. On the way back I supercharged the Prius. I was going downhill and breaking for like 30 minutes. On the gas consumption histogram I had 30 straight minutes of 90+ mpg. Of course on the way of the hill I had an equal amount of time with 35-40 mpg.

I didn't get to ski but I hit one of the casinos. At least now I have change for the laundry machine. It was fun and a nice change from work. My hands smelled like quarters driving home. It was driving me nuts.

Aiyre's potty training is progressing. She isn't very good at asking to use the potty, so Emily has to bring her in every 20-30 minutes. As a result she gets tired of not having a diaper on and eventually insists that Emily put one on her. They are doing it at school too. Crazy teachers.

I spoke with Kari this morning. It was good to talk to her. It really brightened my mood. I have not seen her in more than 10 years, though I still feel that I love her. I.. I don't know, I guess I am conflicted. She is getting divorced and is now dating a massage therapist. That seems like the ideal husband for her, although they are not that serious yet. I guess most woman would love to be dating or married to a massage therapist. Lots of fringe benefits, if you can get over the fact that everyday he is off touching other women.

The stupid peacocks have really been going crazy today. Lots of calls. I guess its that time of year for them. Must be tough.
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