March 3rd, 2004


bunch of quitters

Why does everyone quit running even though the delegates have not decided? Most of the canidates quit before even half of the votes were cast. I just don't understand.

The game is starting to take shape. We have 3 of the characters decided, although I still need to hear from Adam, Colleen, and Steve.

Lucky Aiyre has off of school on Friday the 12th. :) I can spend the whole day with her. Emily says the potty training is going well. I guess yesterday she was in underwear for like 4 hours and had no accidents. She asked to go potty twice. Good Job AIYRE!
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605000 seconds

At this time, one week from now, I'll be leaving here to drive to the Airport to catch a flight home to see my wife and daughter. I'm really looking forward to seeing them. Unfortunatly, the last time we saw each other, the week prior was the worst. It is depressing and distracting to know they are coming soon, but you have to wait and nothing you can do will make the time go faster.

The return of the king is getting neglected. I'm up to page 126.

Soon Emily will start mailing her stuff out to me. We have about 800 pounds that we are allowed to ship. I don't think she'll want to send anywhere near that amount. She still needs to arrange for the following :
mail to be saved/forwarded to CA.
lawn/garden care
blocks need to be moved from the frontyard to the backyard.
someone needs to check on the house periodically.
California school for Aiyre
Medical stuff for Emily and Aiyre
Buy a car out here(need a clunker for the summer)

There is probably more things. If I have forgotten anything, please remind me.
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