February 20th, 2004


Fabulous Friday

So, the governator says that San Francisco is breaking the law by permitting Same-Sex marriages. Like, Duh! That was the whole point. They said at the outset they intended to break the law to induce a law-suit with the hope of having the judicary declaring the law 'unconstitutional'.

Why does this issue make rational people act so strangely/stupidly?

Well, I am at work today. I really enjoyed the day off yesterday. Emily and I can not reach agreement as to where she and Aiyre should stay while out here. She would like to stay at her parents M-F. She would drive out on Friday night and back Sunday night. She does not like to drive and it is about 3 hours to drive from Cupertino to Lincoln. I think that it will strain her to do it every weekend. I really missed them and don't want to be away from them for even one day. I could suffer during the week if I knew that some friday night I could see them. As I said, I just don't believe she will continue to drive out every weekend.

We need to get her car out here. We could ship it out, but it runs 750-1000 bucks and you take a big risk of damage to the car. A bunch of the people here had problems with their cars. I am considering flying out and driving the car back. On a home visit I would normally only get Thursday to Sunday. Most of Thursday would be spent in the air, so that leaves me with 3 days to cover 3000 miles. About 1000 miles per day. At 100 miles per hour, thats 10 hours per day. I don't think I would be driving 100 miles per hour, so thems some long days. Her father offered to fly out and drive it back, but I don't want to put a burden on him. Perhaps we can car pool back. I'm not sure I could take 46(3000m / 65mph) hours in a car with him.

Maybe we could get a film crew to film it. Maybe I can get road trippers to drive along. I wonder if there is a rides wanted board somewhere for this kind of thing.

I've started getting shooting pains down my right leg starting at my lower back. Maybe its the stress of all this stuff. I don't know.
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Anyone else want in on the email 'role-playing' game? I can always work people in later, but it makes it easier to know everyone up front.

The game will proceed in 'chapters'. Some chapters may be quite small where a lot player interaction is needed. Combat and dialog will be mostly story-telling type of format. I will get strategies, etc from players prior and based on their characters, I will 'roll' out the combat and write up the output in story form.

I will probably run through a 'no-risk' sample so everyone is familiar with what I am looking for in terms of input. If I don't get a reply fast enough(a couple days) I will have the character take action based on the characters pervious pattern of actions.
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