February 18th, 2004


Dain Bramage

I was supposed to take today off. I got it approved weeks ago. :( Here I am at work. I didn't even remember. I made arrangements with one of the Air Force guys to go over his tech order with him this evening. Hopefully I can leave right after that.

I switched cars with Emily, so she could take the Prius to get registered/smog checked. Does anyone know what order you have to do that in? Smog then Register or vice versa? I also noticed on the way in that I had the car seat in the rental. So, she won't be able to go anywhere anyways.

*Vulcan Dopeslap*

It was raining hard and very windy when I got out of work last night at 1:30am or so. I got home this morning at 2am. Aiyre and Emily got up at like 7. I did manage to get a little sleep between 7 and 10 when I got out of bed. At 10am one of the apartment guys had the leaf blower out and was attempting to use it. It was still very windy this morning and also very wet. What made this guy think the leaf blower would do anything under those conditions?

Morons, your bus is leaving!
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Well, I'm off today. I finially got my home email setup! :)

I went down to smog check my car. It turns out that the Prius does not get smog checked. Instead I bring the car to a 'referee' who verifies that everything is hooked up and gives me a pass. I got the 1-800 number to call and find out where the closest referee is. I would think that CA would want to make it easy for people to drive cleaner vehicles.

We went to the mall. Around behind the mall they have an outdoor play area and a fountain. Aiyre noticed the pennies in the fountain and started grabbing them and throwing them back in. She got her coat/shirt/arm wet up to the elbow reaching in.

She has been eating a lot recently. She's just totally pigging out.
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