February 15th, 2004


Super Sunday

Emily and Aiyre arrived okay. Aiyre was happy to see me, but a little grumpy from the flight. She did manage to sleep most of the flight from Dallas to Sacramento.

The real problem is that she keeps getting up at 6am. We've been attempting to get her to stay up late so I can say good night when I get home from work. She gets up early anyway. Last night I had duct taped cardboard over her windows so it would stay darker later. No dice. She got up early and ripped off the duct tape.

I'm back at work today. The elevator is still out. I feel some real pity for people in tall buildings when the power goes out. I can not imagine climbing 56 stories. The 8 up to my office is draining enough. The problem today is that I'll be bouncing from the UMWOC(7th floor) to the terminal room(2nd floor) all day. *sigh*

Emily's parents arrived just as I was leaving for work today. They brought their tailgating stuff for us to use till we got tables and chairs and such. We now have 2 folding tables, 3 plastic lawn chairs, and a small cabinet thingy with 1 shelf. We have been eating by sitting on the floor and using overturned boxes. To complete the mood we've been using plasticware and plastic plates.

It was really nice to see my family. They will only be here till the 22nd, but should be moving out here for a longer period on the 22nd of March. I may have to fly back with Emily's father and the 2 of us tag-team drive her car over to California.

Emily noticed I had less belly. :)
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When I arrived today, the guard at the gate was sleeping. I had to yell "hello" into the little talk hole to get her to wake up. When she did she awoke with a 'Oh, shit'.

It looks like we will get to regression test tonight. It should be wonderful.

Maybe if Bill gets lucky I'll haul my fat butt down the the second floor to answer his question.
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