January 30th, 2004



Its Friday but I have to work tomorrow. It sounds like we have Sunday off. I would have been off anyway to get delivery of my stuff. I bought a scale and a new belt today. I've started to assemble my bed, but it is rough going.

With luck Monday I will check out of the hotel and into my apartment. I still really need to get curtains, nice thick dark curtains.

The scale I bought claims I lost 9 pounds versus the scale in the nurses office in Sudbury. I don't know. I'll have to start tracking it. I bought a digital one so I would not have to deal with seeing the numbers change as I lean forward or back. My old scale sucked. Well, for the record I am at 236#

On the diet side, I broke down on Tuesday and bought a cheeseburger and fries at In-n-Out burger.

My nose is still runny but for the most part the cold is gone.
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Tonight, one of the airforce women from the real EWR came into the UEWR Operations center and wanted the phone number of one of the UEWR guys. She claimed it was for her boss, who was shy. How did her boss get to a leadership position without being assertive enough to talk to a guy and get his number. I guess she showed command ability to get someone else to actually go and ask for it. I have my doubts.

Oh course now everyone knows about it and are constantly kidding him. I suspect that the increased visualization of the relationship will doom it.
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