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Well, the got me first thing this morning. They claimed I didn't activate the alarm system before I left last night. I did activate it by calling the alarm room, etc. I remember because a man answered at the alarm room number and at first gave the wrong greeting. After telling my story to the security people, they told me that only one person is in the alarm room at a time and during the time I claimed to secure it, it was a woman in the room. Well, it turns out she had to use the bathroom or something and got of the MPs to watch it for her for a couple minutes. He didn't do everything he was supposed to. oops.

I noticed a photo of the building that is hanging in the lobby. It is of the radar, taken from the air almost exactly between the faces, up 500 to 700 feet. The photo was taken in the winter and there is snow on the ground around the radar. There is no snow in the illumination path of the radar, it has melted it off of the ground. Well, I suppose it is possible that the storm just missed the wedge of ground out in front of the radar.

I really need to get some furniture. I went to read my book last night and I don't have anything to sit on but my bed and there is no light in that room.

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