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Another hour and I have to go to volleyball. We managed 2 wins last night. The game we lost was when we were on the 'sun' side. Given the time of day that the games take place on, orienting the courts east-west seems like a bad idea. One side is totally blinded by the sun and the other side isn't. I'm just getting around to eating my lunch. I don't really remember being that busy this morning, but... I guess I was.

I had a 'chat' with TEQON while I was waiting for my microwaved food to be warm. She's going to be on vacation for most of August, so I won't have to suffer very much. With luck we can get our six-sigma project done while she is gone. We feel that she has been interjecting herself onto us a bit more than we would like.

I have a good feeling about the conversation but can't really remember anything specific about it. Maybe she zapped me with her wand under the table. She does have that kind of look about her.

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