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WARNING WARNING WARNING... I'm about to rant about unions...

So, a couple unions split from the afl-cio.. big deal. Were they right to do it? Yes and No. Manufacturing unions have had the following effects :
1. wages and benefits have increased
2. Job security increased

The above effects have led to the following secondary effects:
a. #1 above led to an increase in manufactured product prices
b. #2 above led to a 'steady state' within the company and a decrease in the desire to inovate and increase productivity.

The above secondary effects led to :
a. and b. led to increased movement of jobs overseas
a. and b. led to an increase in foreign competition which resulted in loss of local jobs.

Service industry jobs(cleaners, painters, food service, hotel workers, day care providers, etc) have jobs which can not be moved overseas. When they organize, they increase the cost of doing business locally. They do so by #1 and #2 above, which makes it so non-union industry must pay higher wages to be able to affort to utilize the service industry.

Now.. area unions bad.. No. How can the unions help workers? They should organize outside of the US. If they organized workers in China, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc the US would have a level playing field which to compete on. I think the unions should be spending their money on politicians in the US, with the aim of getting the US to apply pressure to other countries to loosen labor organization laws. They should not be spending money to organize US workers as that will just make it worse in the US.

The unions should also back off a bit. When I was in college, I worked at the supermarket. I was forced to join the union as the supermarket only hired union people. I didn't want the extra benefits the union had negotiated. The unions need to realize that not all workers want or need medical/dental insurance, etc. I wanted to be asked to work longer hours than the union would allow. I needed the money. I would rather have negotiated pay based on my performance than pay based on someone's whim.

Nuf said. I've been actively trying to relax and not give a damn. I'm not sure how much it is working.

I almost forgot our aniversary... Its on Thursday. I'm going to try and make some arrangements(flowers and such) today. At the least, it sounds like we are going to do dinner and a movie. I'm going to leave early on Thursday.

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