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I need a bit of down time to relax. I can feel the tension in my neck at the base of my skull. Everything seems to be building towards the end of the summer. Baby on the way, project deadlines, in-laws arriving Wednesday, weight issues, etc.

*sigh* I need to relax and not worry about it. Worrying will not help it, or fix anything. I need to take a line from Lethal Weapon. I don't give a fcuk.

Volleyball tonight. We are short 2 players, which might help us, who knows. It is going to be hot again. Even hotter tomorrow for my second game this week.

I just don't understand these union people. Don't they understand they are raising the cost of american made goods and forcing companies to move manufacturing jobs overseas? Are they all that stupid? It is one thing to unionize grocery stores or hotel workers, where the work must be performed locally, but attempts to unionize widget manufacturing are just insane. Who wouldn't rather have a job which pays and provides some benefits than no job and no benefits?

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