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Virtual Monday

Well, our next scheduled day off is Monday the 9th, so today is a virtual monday. At least we get paid tomorrow. Tomorrow's check should be the first with the per diem. I still need to work with Barbara to get my flight reimbursed.

I took a walk around the apartment complex this morning. I was really looking for the playground, so when Aiyre gets here we can go. I found it. There is also a stream which runs along one edge of the complex. The complex has several open picnic areas with tables and little barbeque grills and such.

One strange thing is the birds in the area. Peacocks are native to this area and make their home in the trees near the stream and are often walking around the complex. They are big birds. Like turkeys but much more pretty. They have a very interesting walk, like the veloci-raptor from jurasic park.

I'm going to try to get a picture of the peacocks tomorrow while my laundry is washing/drying. I only have one or two shots left on this roll, so wish me luck.

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