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Yahoo Mail

Every so often Yahoo Mail sends me 'Yahoo Hotjobs Presents...' email. The most recent one, is 'Career Opportunties With Raytheon'.

So... anyone looking for a job... Crowne Plaza Woburn, Wednesday July 27th, 11am to 5pm. We have immediate opening for Systems, Software, Hardware, Electrical, and Quality Assurance Engineers, Supply Chain Specialists, and Finance Professionals.

We managed to win all three volleyball games last night. I think every game was 25-22. The other team only had 3 players and we had a full 6.

I had most surprises at home... we had a dead skunk in the backyard which had pretty much polluted the neighborhood. It actually smelled much worse in the house than outside. My bank statement arrived and again, they charged me a $20 maintenance fee. I had to call and get them to reverse it again. It took me 30 minutes on the phone to get it fixed so that it wouldn't happen again. Our account also comes with free check printing, but when we ordered checks last month they charged us for that too. I've got to go down to the bank after work and straighten them out.

School is out for Aiyre until the next summer session starts in 2 weeks. She'll be taking the 7:04 am bus when school does start. I don't think she'll like getting up that early. My in-laws arrive Wednesday morning on a red-eye from San Jose to Boston. I think they are renting a car so I won't have to go pick them up.

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