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Sleeping didn't go well again. Aiyre was much too excited to sleep. She was bouncing and running and jumping. Once we got her to sleep, at about 10:55, Emily fell asleep and the both of them were snooring. *sigh* I got my stuff and went down and slept on the couch.

This morning, I set to work putting Aiyre room back together. Replacing all the fixtures and putting the furniture back in place, etc. The room casts a purple glow into the hallway. I did a little touch-up painting on the edges where the tape pulled the paint off the walls.

Emily made pancakes for breakfast and I made up some burgers on the grill for lunch(thanks again to Bill for the secret ingredients).

Justin came over for Star Wars today. The new girl didn't coem back and Justin was unable to get her on the phone. *sigh* The game was somewhat strange. Emily and I seem fustrated and are thinking about taking the whole thing off in a totally new direction. We are the characters, we are in control.

After he left, I updated some stuff in the MUD, and talked with Emily about where to go in Star Wars. I read a little more HP. HP, et al, are now on the train to Hogsmead. I thought I found a typo earlier in the day, but when I looked up 'fug' I found it was really a word.

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