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Its been quite hot this week, fairly humid too. We are supposed to game this Sunday, at which they are predicting really hot and humid. *sigh*

They came and measured for the patio door replacement yesterday. We need to decide how much we really want a new door. It will cost about 2 grand for the new door and installation. Given the family expansion, we feel we may want to move in the near future and so are unsure if we want to spend money upgrading a house we are going to sell.

On most issues, I feel myself slipping into the don't care mode. I was recently excited about the boycot against Exxon/Mobil. We are also avoiding Shop-n-Shop gasoline because they add methyl tertiary butyl ether(MTBE) to their gasoline. MTBE is supposed to make the fuel emissions cleaner, but is highly water soluble and quickly makes it way into the local water supply because the combustion process does not destroy the compound. MTBE is a carcinogen which slowly builds up in the water supply. Exposure can cause any number of symptoms including, headaches, vertigo, nausea, coughing, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. When in high enough levels, the water tastes like turpentine, making the water undrinkable.

While I'm on the subject of water... the local water companies seem a bit confused on how supply and demand work in the marketplace. With the exception of this year, most of the years we have lived here, their has been, at some point a watering ban or restriction. These are in place because the watersupply is getting low. While asking people to not use your product can get people not to use it, in a capitalist society, the easiest way to decrease demand it to raise the price. Our water bill is the same regardless of whether we are home or away in CA for 10 months. If you want people to use less water, then you raise the price during periods of short supply. Sure you need to make the first 1000 liters per month free so that the low income people have drinking water and such, but after that, hit them in the pocketbook.

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