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More Lemmings.... Those damn weasels.

Caught F4 on the way home. Based on the previews I saw, I thought it would be kinda lame. It was fantastic. More amazing than Spider-Man, more incredible than The Hulk, more uncanny than the X-Men, more incredible than The Incredibles. Okay, it wasn't all that. It was a good flick with some good action, lots of good graphics and a good job with character interaction. I didn't know anything about F4 before hand so I couldn't see any spots where they broke with the standard background. I expect that F4 didn't get their start with Dr. Doom, but here they did.

Volleyball on Wednesday will be a double header. I hope it cools off by then. I've also got a game on Thursday and another make up game at some point.

Our insurance statement came today. Our two cars cost $2272 per year. We raised the collision deductable to 1000, which will save us $255 per year. If we can keep from killing either car for 2 years we will have saved enough to cover the difference.

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