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I'm melting, melting...

Emily and I got to play the MUD a bit yesterday. Aiyre kept wanting to play Lemmings or The Sims2, so we'd take a break and let Aiyre have some fun. Things are coming along nice. At some point I need to get a persistant connection so that the game is online for more than an hour a week.

I played a little MOO3 while Aiyre was getting ready for bed. I really like being able to design my own ships and such. Over the course of the weekend I managed enough TV time to watch The Rock again. I don't understand their VX gas stuff. The first guy who got exposed had his skin melting off while he could still stand. When the main character gets exposed, he manages to get his atropine, but nothing ever happens to his skin. The atropine shouldn't help the skin not melt away, it should just keep the heart pumping.

I forget who I stole the userpic from, but thanks.

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