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After playing in the yard for a bit yesterday afternoon, we headed out to the mall. Mostly we just let Aiyre run around a bunch. We did play a bit of god's favorite game, which yielded us 36 tickets. We used them to get Aiyre friendship bracelets and an 'F' stamp. Aiyre did seem a little interested in the bunnies at the pet store.

We went to IHOP for breakfast this morning... mmmm... Since then We just been hangin out. Emily and I worked on the MUD a little bit, while Aiyre watched a movie. Now Aiyre and Emily are playing 'lemmings'. The music is driving me nuts.

We did discover some overlap in our government. That is if you assume that the department of defense actually deals with defense. It seems like the homeland security and DoD should be combined. However, the DoD is really mis-named when Republicans are in power. It really should be switched to the Department of Offense or back to the old Department of War.

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