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Play Delay

Volleyball was delayed yesterday(till tomorrow), because the other team was short players. The game today was rained out, and has not yet been rescheduled.

Raytheon held a 'bash' to celebrate the 752 million dollar contract win to ROC-SRP. This a radar we are selling to one of the provinces of China so that it can defend itself from the rest of China. I really don't think we should be getting into this position. The stuff we will eventually be giving to this province is classified and could not normally be released to the mainland China. Raytheon and the US government, who approved of the contract, seems to have decided that this province is its own country.

Well, anyway, they had speeches and patted themselves on the back while giving out free beer, wine, and food.

I also got notified that I have to attend 4 mandatory lunch time seminars and give up 4 of my federally required lunch breaks. Anyone from the ACLU want to jump in here?

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