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So, I heard on the way in that some group of fanatics is going to protest at some soldier's funeral today. The group claims that all of the US military deaths abroad were caused by god to punish the US for its attitude on gays. Woo.. Boy did I laugh at that.

Star Wars went okay yesterday. We are supposed to be investigating and locating some missing person. The problem seems to be that we all have differing ideas on what is possible in this day and age. I disregard some possibilities as impossible and so does Emily, but Justin seems to think they are totally reasonable.

This particular adventure seems geared for a hacker and some sneaky devils. Well, we are/were first level, so even if we had choosen the correct skills we would not be good enough. We are now 3rd level, so we could be 10 percent better than we were... ooooh wow. The new girl seemed to know how to role-play, but wasn't too versed with the d20 system. She arrived late and didn't really get to play too much as she needed to make her character first.

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