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No offense

Why do we teach our kids to be offended? As our kids get older Emily has started to try and get me not to use swear words. Okay, seems reasonable, you think. Why are these words offensive? Are they offense?

What does 'swear' mean?

Is it a religious thing? Does the sound of 4 letter words offend god? If it did, I would expect 4 letter words to be swear words in other languaged also. Do the Germans have a god which allows the english pronunciation of swear words, but doesn't like it when they are said in german?

It must be that we are trained to take offense at these words. Wouldn't it be better if we didn't teach our kids not to be offended and thereby put an end to this cycle. What use is it to have words that offend in a peaceful loving culture?

They are just sounds. Get over them. They have no meaning beside what you give them. You have the power. Use it. Don't be offended.

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