Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil

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Near Death

Emily and I decided I would use her car today, as it was parking in the other one. I removed the car seat and pulled down the driveway. Hm... feels weird, I check and discover... Flat tire. I switch the cars and put the flat one in the garage where it will be easy to change the tire. I get out the spare, but there doesn't seem to be a jack. Emily called AAA and I went to work.

I get about to the 495 exit on the pike and my lane starts to slow. I check the next lane to merge over. When I put my attention forward again, the guy in front of me has just about stopped. I brake hard and swirve to avoid him. The car is briefly out of control and sways quite a lot. I'm glad it wasn't an SUV, it probably would have tipped over. In any case, I managed to get the car stopped without hitting anyone. I couldn't even feel the adrenaline kick in.

The road becomes a parking lot at that point. I'm starting to feel like Harry Potter. I think someone doesn't want me to get to work. It ended up taking 90 minutes to drive the 25 miles to work. *sigh* Every road I got onto seemed to be jam packed.

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