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The weekend went fine. Aiyre didn't ever seem to freak out because Mom wasn't around. She played a lot with gramma and seemed to enjoy all the ice cream, donuts, and such. It rained over the weekend so we didn't make it up to the lake. Aiyre did get to meet my Aunt Virginia and Aunt Michelle.

Aiyre was a real headache sleeping the first night. We had her up late, so to make up for it she got up at like 4am. She did sleep much better the next night. She was pretty good in the car, but she knew we had the extra donut holes with us and she kept asking for them.

Emily took the time off to see a movie. She did a bunch of cleaning too. The house looked great when we got home. It only took Aiyre 5 minutes to dig out all of her toys and mess it up again.

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