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No Star Wars this week as Justin is out of town. So, Aiyre and I hit the lake again. The water is much warmer than it was last weekend. It was really quite busy at the lake.

I finished my book, The Teeth of the Tiger. I guessed right. The ending wasn't all it could have been. I'm going to re-read Harry Potter 4 and 5 now, so I can jump into 6 when it comes out.

Emily continued to play Freelancer today.

We had burgers from the grill and corn on the cob for lunch. It started to rain just as I was cleaning the grill for the steaks for dinner, so we ordered pizza instead. Along with the pizza we sat and watched National Treasure. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Both of us sat through the whole things and Emily even insisted I pause it while she used the bathroom. So, she must have been interested.

We still are not sure what to do with the bonus money. At the very least, I've made a 10k mortgage payment which should get us down to about 50k left on the mortgage.

Norm and I went out to Mario's last night. It was a nice change.

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