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Sunday went well. We hit the beach breifly before lunch. Aiyre wanted to go back later int he day, but Justin was over to play Star Wars so, it didn't happen. We managed to not get shot for a whole session, which was good.

Emily had a doctor appointment this morning. I took Aiyre to breakfast to distract her. Afterwards, we went to play outside for a bit. I sat and read The Teeth of the Tiger while aiyre played. After 45 minutes or so I was cold and when I went inside, I discovered the door was locked. Doh! That was at about 9:20 or so. It was more than an hour later that Emily got home from the doctor. They had her do a one hour glucose blood sugar test.

By the time she got home, Aiyre and I were both freezing and Aiyre had a small accident trying to hold it that long. I'm still a little cold not to mention itchy after being eaten by the local bugs for 2 hours. Maybe I should have put on long sleeves before coming into work.

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