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Sat, Jun. 4th, 2005, 08:09 pm
Busy Day

We got up early this morning, so I could have my windshield replaced. The place is a block away from an IHOP, so we went out to breakfast too. We played in the yard for a couple hours until the car was driveable. We utilized the grill to make hot dogs and corn on the cob for lunch. Aiyre got a little pink in the face running around all morning. To cool her off I broke out the hose and washed Emily's car and hosed down Aiyre. She got a little pink in the shoulders too, perhaps a slight sunburn.

After lunch, I worked in the yard, digging for the wall for a while, then we hit Lake Park on Quinsigumond for a little swimming. We ended up staying for almost 2 hours. The water was cold, but not so cold you didn't eventually get used to it. Aiyre was shivering when we left. That must have wore her out for a while, as she was willing to just sit around while we made dinner, which was chicken, again on the grill.

Norm called while I was cleaning the grill up after dinner, so Aiyre and I went over to his house for an hour or so. Mostly just hung out and chatted, while Aiyre ate up a bunch of his freezee pops. She really likes the purple ones. mmm... grape...

I just tried to play the Electra disk that Phil loaned me, but it wont play in any of our DVD players. Oh well, I hear it wasn't really that great anyway. It has been really warm today, I'm covered in sweat just sitting here typing. I'm going to go lay in front of a fan and do the exercises they assigned me at PT.

Mon, Jun. 6th, 2005 03:29 pm (UTC)

It wasn't that great, but even Will agrees - she's hot in red leather.