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My big fat butt.

I picked up my beds this morning. I got the store at 9 and one of the clerks was there. They don't open till 10. He loaned me the dolly and I took several boxes out to the car. I ended up opening one of the boxes in the parking lot and putting the contents in the truck. The box was too long to get into the trunk but the contents were not. There were 6 boxes total. I could not fit 3 at all into the alera rental car. The guy said to come back at 12:30 and he would have his truck to help me out.

I dropped the first 4 off at home. I went back to the hotel. Phil(Billy Guan) helped me drop the rental car and then dropped me at my apartment. I then drove back to the mall with the Prius and managed to get all 3 of the biggest boxes into the prius. One in the trunk and two in the back seat. The car feels smaller than the rental but it has more room and the doors open wider. I dropped those two at home and then went to work.

I still need to assemble the beds and the base, etc. Hopefully I can move in to the apartment on sunday or monday once my stuff arrives. I still need to get a scale to weigh the boxes as they come off of the truck.

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