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The hospital tour went okay yesterday. The hospital has lots of baby security stuff which the Framinham hospital didn't have. It really borders on paranoia, but I can see the hospital not wanting to take any chances.

We dropped Aiyre at Phils house. She seemed fine when we got back 90 minutes later. Phil has Tyson, his husband's son, staying with them, so Aiyre had someone to play with. They had the dogs out, and she did okay with them too. She did keep picking up stones and putting them in the pool though.

Emily had trouble sleeping this morning, which woke me up, as I had overslept a little bit. She's going to be really tired later. When I left for work she was playing The Sims 2.

Well, I'm off to the lab to try and get some utility out of my lab time this morning. I am under the assumption that the system is broken and my time will be wasted. With luck, no one will send me any classified emails today. The computer scrubbing process made me late to get home yesterday.

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