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Day 1 of the Memorial day rainy weekend. So far, mostly without rain. It rained hard overnight. We got hit with about 10 drops around 4 pm, but that is it. Most of the day was clear blue skys.

We hit Home Depot and got some flowers, an extra propane tank for the grill, a squeegie for the driveway resurfacing campaign, and some sealant for the gutters. I did the gutters on the garage, and if it worked great, I may find the courage to do the rest of the house. Being afraid of heights, I find it difficult to work at the end of a two story ladder. When hanging shutters, I found I could psyche myself up and over come it, but it was a lot of effort.

I did get time to clean out and sweep out the garage as well as time to lounge on the front lawn reading Teeth of the Tiger. During a couple breaks from outside time, I did manage to finish off season four of CSI. As a result I've been thinking of heading down to Foxwoods at some point.

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