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I have my appointment for PT tomorrow morning. I still have not gotten ahold of the Gastro people got the procedure yet.

The printers here have been acting weird all day. They seem to converting anything printed into post script images and dumping page after page of garbage. The guy just came by to fix it, but the machine ran out of toner, so he can't get it working fully. He claims that over the weekend 43 printers in Sudbury alone went wacko. Poor guy has just had a Monday.

Tomorrow, probably as soon as I get into work I get to go to a "... focus group discussion on IDS Mission Assurance Employee Communications ...". I'm not really sure what we are supposed to talk about, but it includes a free lunch.

I'm kind of irked about my missing hitchhikers book. Now I really want to read it. I should have bought a new copy when I ordered a present for Justin this morning. I knew there was something I was supposed to get besides Justin's book, I just could not remember what it was.

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