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For the Birds

These last two mornings I duplicated an experience which I last had when I was 12. I was awake and unable to sleep at about 4 am. With the windows open I could hear the silence of that hour. Eventually I heard the first bird chirp of the morning. That first chirp was soon followed by more chirps and more chirpers. Soon enough the cacophony of the morning birds was in full swing.

I had a lot of trouble sleeping beyond that. Aiyre was up and kicking the wall. I went in to stop her, but could not leave without her screaming, so I had to try to sleep in her room. She kicks and wiggles around too much and due to her sickness she snores and sniffles a lot.

I did manage to get the crib put together while Emily was in the shower. It seems to take up less space assembled than it did as a pile of parts.

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