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Saturday Night Fever

Emily and Aiyre are sick with some kind of cold, runny nose, tired, sore throat, etc. Emily complains more about it than Aiyre, but Aiyre can't talk yet.

I looked around for a new book to read, as I finished off The Davinci Code last night. I also looked for The Complete Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy so I could loan it to Bill to read. I guess someone else already has it cause it is gone. Sorry Bill. I had the "leather" bound gold trim version with all the books in the "trilogy" together.

Spent a lot of time outside today with Aiyre. I got a little work on the yard done at the same time. Moved 4-5 wheelbarrows of dirt around and installed another column of blocks. While Aiyre and I went to the park for a while, emily slipped off to Home Depot. Picked up a propane tank so we can get this grill going. She asked a bunch of stupid questions to be sure she had the right thing, but no one mentioned the tanks come empty and need to be purged before their first filling.

We've watched a bunch of CSI in the last weeks and as a result I have a real urge to spend some time at a casino or to actually see Vegas.

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