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On Saturday my mother, Emily, Aiyre and I took the T into Boston. We visited the aquarium, quincy market, etc. It didn't rain on us at all. Aiyre really enjoyed the tropical fish tank, mostly, I suspect, because of the number species which appeared in Finding Nemo. She seemed to like having a bunch of people around, getting ice cream, and such. She was okay on the train, she didn't seem to like it quite as much as last time. She did do a great job with her potty training.

Justin came out on Sunday to play a little Star Wars. It would be nice if our backyard was fenced in, as Aiyre like to go outside a lot. The game is coming along, but we need more players.

I'm about half way through The DaVinci Code. I realize that given the format it is difficult to distinguish what is real in the book from what isn't. The author mixes fictional events and actions into actual events. Given my limited knowledge of history and the details of the church, I am really having trouble.

I'm looking forward to seeing a movie later this week. I also have a section meeting today... free lunch.

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