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Emily is at a dental surgeon to deal with the broken tooth. I'm home watching Aiyre while she gets therapy. Emily should be home soon and then I'll be off to work. I managed to get our Star Wars characters entered into the Excel character sheets.

So far as I know, the Beale trip is currently off. I guess they are looking for 2 people for a 3 month trip instead of the original plan of 3 people each doing 2 weeks.

I managed to play a little Icewind Dale 2 last night. I just got into the chapter 3 of 6 area, so I have quite a lot to go. I originally start playing a long time ago. Emily had finished it, but I got stuck. I'm now using on-line walkthoughs to get the story moving again.

Our new carseat arrived today, the box looks like it fell out of the plane. It was opened and tore up pretty good. The seat seemed okay, but it was just the car seat in the box. No packing materials, no manuals, nothing.

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