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Why do these people whine so much? This whole complaint about judicial nominations... WTF? Since W has been in office, only 7 of the 208 nominations have been held up at all. This term, he hasn't even submitted enough nominations to fill the vacancies. There are only 46 vacancies and he only submitted 11 nominations. Only 2 of those are still pending. Rather than fight and argue and waste taxpayer money fighting over 2 judges, why not fill up the rest of the openings. Adding 35 judges would go a long way towards resolving long delays in the justice system.

I need to call and cancel my doctor appointment for the 18th as I will be at Beale AFB. I'll also be missing a section meeting/free lunch on the 16th.

I managed to hit the gym yesterday, where I did 15 minutes on the eliptical machine and about 10 minutes lifting weights. When I got home yesterday I managed to get another column of blocks on the wall and managed 10 minutes on the exercise bike while watching CSI. I brought my gym stuff again today, so hopefully I'll have time to get that done.

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