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senior people

It has come to my attention that senior people are reading my journal. I guess not all old people are tech stupid.

I wonder why in our politically correct world we have allowed senior to mean old people and to mean someone in a position of authority. When you refer to senior people at work are you supposed to make sure they are old? Are you supposed to make sure that they have been with the company longer? Are you supposed to make sure that they have more authority than you do?

I'm not sure who the senior people at work are. I think Kent Harris is senior, just because he is pretty old and he has been there much longer, etc. He meets every definition. Do we know of any other senior people?

Did you ever attempted to get the senior discount on coffee at McDonalds while a "senior" in high school?

Maybe senior is the last step before you "move on". You if you are planning to retire or find another job, you may be considered a senior person at work...

Well, back to the grind.

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