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Another rainy weekend. It wasn't too bad on Sunday so Aiyre got to run around a bit.

I ordered two free credit reports, as required by MA law, on Friday. I am anxious to see what they contain. They won't give the credit score, as they don't have to by law, so they charge like 10 bucks for a number.

I've got my stuff today, so with luck I will remember to hit the gym for a little bit. I managed to use our exercise bike several times over the weekend. I kind of wish I had the free time and flexability to do one of these cross country bike rides. Lots of exercise, fresh air, and excellent views.

We spoke to the in-laws over Mother's Day and they are coming out for two weeks over this summer, once in the middle and once near Emily's due date. They are looking at Sturbridge as a place to move to.

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