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Sat, Apr. 30th, 2005, 03:31 pm

Had a doctor appointment yesterday morning. The doc is concerned about my headaches and has scheduled an MRI for me for Wednesday night. I also had some bloodwork done and made an appointment with a GI specialist for later on. I got into work late on Friday and made up for it by leaving early.

Afterwork I rode my bike to Big Y to pick up something to make for dinner. When I got out of the store I found I had ridden onto something which punctured my back tire. Attempts to reinflate my tire failed and I ended up walking home carrying the groceries and rolling my busted ass vehicle.

This morning before the rain started I started getting ready to mow the lawn. Just as I got the mower out of the garage, the rain started. I decided to spread a 'grubicide' on the lawn instead. After finishing and cleaning up we went to get a new tube installed on my bike. Afterwards we had lunch at Applebee's.

I'm now working on RttToEE material for the Sunday game. I need to make the town in the game more real and provide adventure to get the characters up to 4th level for the start of the module.