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In a strange twist of policy and fate, Raytheon now allows 3 days for a death in the family. As a result I will be free to continue my mourning on Wednesday and Thursday. I didn't know the policy had changed so the administrator is allowing me to split up the days, provided I don't abuse the system(can't use them in September).

That brightens my day a bit. I needed to take time off on Thursday anyway for school meetings. I'll be late to work on Friday because of a doctor appointment, which means I'll get stuck in bad traffic coming home friday, but having a 2 day week makes up for it.

Aiyre pulled a chuck of flesh off the bottom of her big toe yesterday morning. She kicked and screamed as we bandaged it up. We forced her to wear her shoes all day so she couldn't pick at it. It must hust cause she is limping. She screamed some more after bathtime when we bandaged it again.

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