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I'm still coming to grips with the loss of my grandfather. Emily managed to find a copy of the obituary online and printed it out for me. It contained some things I did not know. Pops served in England during WWII. He graduated from college, Xavier University, in 1950. It claims he was preceded in death by his daughter, Mary Jean Veca, whom I have never heard of. I know his first wife died when I was like 8 or so. It doesn't mention her at all. I think I get mentioned twice, once as Joshua and once as Kyle in the list of grandchildren.

Raytheon allows me one day of mourning for my loss, so I will take that tomorrow.

We bought Aiyre some new undies at JCPenneys, it was supposed to be a 5 pack, but there were only 4 in the pack, so we are going to exchange them. I was looking at this posting and wondering if there might be some way to make every word link to something....

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