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Fly day!

Mom is coming to visit today. Aiyre has therapy till 11am, so mom will arrive after that. I've got to use up some modified time at work, so I'm done at 1pm.

I've had a headache building for the last 30 minutes or so. Ack!

We watched Soul Survivor last night. I was a crappy 6th sense with a sprinkle of horror. Dracula is coming along. They just staked Lucy and plan to meet so they can deal with the real problem.

I've been feeling urges become a farmer. You know, grow stuff, raise animals, etc. Nothing for profit, really just subsistance farming. Is it something in the culture, or is it something specific to me? I've found myself looking at real estate web sites for open land in montana, etc. I find my curent housing restrictive. There isn't room enough, nor sun enough, for gardening. I certainly can't raise animals. Emily has no desire to live 'in the middle of nowhere'.

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