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I'm feeling pretty wiped out today. I'm just lethargic or something. Zombie man. Raytheon is doing Earth Day stuff today. Free trail mix, cake, flower seeds, veggie seeds, etc.

Emily and Aiyre came out and joined Bill, Don and I for lunch yesterday. Bill and Don went back to work. Emil, Aiyre and I went over to Marlboro to the pond to feed the ducks. Aiyre really enjoys that.

When I got home we played outside for a bit, took a walk, watched a bit of CSI, pulled up dandylions and such. Aiyre skinned her knee at about 6:40 or so. She took it quite bad and so after cleaning it up we went right on to bath time and bed time.

Mom is coming to visit this weekend. Depending on the weather we may head into Boston to the Aquarium and such.

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