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If there was one canidate I really did not want to win it was Kerry. :( I've suffered through Dubya's years. I'd really hate to suffer for 4 more. I may have to vote third party again. If I could merge four people into one, I would like to see a McCain-Clark-Edwards-Dean mix. That is who I want to represent me.

Here is a question for the home audience... If you were president and you could appoint someone to be VP who would it be? If I only had 30 seconds to decide, I would go with John McCain. If I had time to study everyone I could probably find someone else, but on short notice.

I'm beginning to understand the cultural differance between the west coasters and east coasters. West coasters are behind in the times. On the drive into work today, it was only 5 hours till the polls close in NH. I get into work and Bill Sadler has already gone home for the day back in MA(lucky Bill).

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