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White Castle

Well, after renting Karold and Humar do drugs I suffered through it. It had some interesting part, some funny parts, and some nice breasts.

I finished moving the second pallet of blocks onto the back patio last night. I've now got to figure out how to get the pallets back to them so I can get my refund. I may have to carry them back. I don't seem to have any way of attaching them to one of our cars, without severe damage to the car.

Emily redid her Gurps modern mage character. I started working on a major NPC type person. One problem I see with these point based systems is that you can't manage your points(how many to save and how many to spend) without the big picture of exactly what else you would like to spend points on.

They are looking to have me spend the next couple of weekends at work. They sent out an email to check for people's planned PTO schedules. The distrubution only had like 5 people on it.. so they may really want me to work.

As someone who loves conservation, I really hate conservatives. There is an article on CNN about the 'day of silence' and 'day of truth'. I think they should really change the truth day to 'The day of opinion'. I don't see how their statements are 'truth'. "You can call it sinful or destructive -- ultimately it's both," What kind of hatemongering crap is this? They argue that although the 'day of silence' was setup to combat bullying and such its real motive is "that homosexuality is good for society".

HELLO! Homosexuality is good for society. Ever heard of over-population? There is a reason that a lot of homosexual people refer to heteros as 'breeders'. I still remember a t-shirt from a guy I dated in college had... "Thank you for not breeding"

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