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Blocks delivered and they picked up the old pallets. When I got home from work I moved the first pallet of blocks into the backyard. If their weight is to be believed, I moved 80 * 48 = 3840 pounds. After that I relaxed and watched Exorcist : The Beginning. The movie wasn't really scary or anything, but did make me feel weird last night walking around in the dark.

I'm making progress in Dracula. Lucy just died and they are making preparations to cut off her head.

We had a power surge at work last night. Machines hung, lost power, etc. I guess a UPS blew up. Oops. Just what we need. We had a bunch of loan out people sent back to use because we didn't get a contract. Now we've really got a bunch of people standing around without anything to do. Bye Bye profits.

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