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WTF Dubya gives some kind of crappy speech about how the pope is gone and he was a great man who fought for freedom and human dignity. What?!?! Which freedom are we talking about? The freedom to choose who you would like as a life partner? The freedom to choose when and how to die? The freedom to make your own decisions without some organization blackmailing you? Human dignity? Like the dignity to die without being made to suffer for years on life support? Oh.. right... Dubya thinks he is for all these things too. So, in his delusional world everyone support freedom and dignity, regardless of their actions.

Speaking of delusion. I thought I was supposed to interview someone today so I wore a clean shirt and dress shoes... Turns out the interview is on Friday. We are kicked off the system for most of the day today for IQT testing. I lose tomorrow afternoon as I will be in a class in Tewksbury. Not much time to get things done.

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